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Ton Bal (Sinbad)

Born 1959 in Amsterdam. Ton grew up on the island of Curaçao and returned
to the Netherlands as a sixteen-year-old boy. His father and uncle performed
magic tricks to the family from time to time. Ton became obsessed with the world of magic when seeing is father and uncle.

In 1981 Ton started a production company. With a lot of passion his studio manufactures products for a variety of businesses. One of them is the entertainment industry. During the activities of Ton Telekids- and Prijzenslag Roadshow crossed his path (both Dutch TV shows) where he met Hans Kazàn a famous Dutch Magician. In breaks of the Roadshow Hans showed magic tricks. As a result Ton committed himself learnin the magic and entertainment world.

Irian Kasmin (Aladdin)
Born 1968 in Suriname. Lives in the Netherlands from the age of six. By the time he was twenty-two a good friend taught him the first tricks of the trade.

Very soon Irian was requested for parties and events. Primarily focussing on his character and alter ego Aladdin. During these performances it became clear that both children and adults love to be entertaint by Irian.

Irian developed himself dedicatedly and with passion to a highly motivated professional entertainer. Aladddin's website: www.aladdinonline.nl

Duo (Sinbad and Aladdin)
Ton and Irian got to know each other in 2003 during the preparations for the World Championship of Magic in The Hague. It immediately clicked between the two. Their tropical roots and passion for magic directly led to a close friendship and teamwork. The character Sinbad was soon linked to Ton who has many similarities with this adventurer.

Both men stepped in the adventure called Sinbad and Aladdin. They read and collect everything about the 1001 night fairy tales, delving into the history of the characters, the follow theatrical trainings, lectures, magic workshops, and are inspired by big names and performers in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile the duo is part of an extensive network of fellow entertainers.
They work with them and learn together on a daily basis. They practice a lot in order to further professionalize their knowledge, ability and enthusiasm
to share this with you.

Their spontaneous collaboration ensures that your reception, party or event will become a beautiful and lasting magic reminder.